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Increase Profits Through Tracking

Helping you to make traceability information a competitive advantage for your business.


About Traceability Matters


Traceability Matters is an advisory firm founded by Judith Kirkness and dedicated to helping small to mid-sized manufacturers use traceability technology to ensure fast and accurate recalls.

Moreover, she teaches you how to use that lot or serial information for business benefits beyond recall to manage inventory, capture accurate costs, calculate yields, reduce waste, increase shipping accuracy and overall profitability with an eye toward growing your business for increased success.



Judith Kirkness, is the founder of Traceability Matters and the author of The Traceability Factor, a practical guide for using tracking to increase profits.

She holds an MBA from Queen’s University in Canada and earned her practical skills helping clients successfully bring together their plant floor, warehouse and office information. Her technological understanding has been acquired from 20 plus years’ as a Principal Consultant with Minotaur Software.

Helping manufacturers track product end to end for better costing, yield analysis, waste reduction and business growth has been her passion. As a speaker and educator, Judith demystifies traceability. She shares knowledge and experience offering workable ideas to help businesses become more profitable. In 2019, the book Traceability: From Binders to Blockchain was released by Springer Publishing in the US. Judith was the author of the chapter on Tools and Solutions for Internal Traceability.

Here is what one Traceability Matters client had to say:

"Judith provided expert advice on securing grant support for our project and tremendous follow up support to ensure we were successfully progressing on the project. Judith performed an onsite traceability assessment and provided helpful advice throughout the project."

Brad McKay, CEO, Healthcare Food Services, Ottawa, ON

Let me help you with:


Traceability and barcode training

For all staff who collect or use traceability information, including warehouse and plant workers, sales staff who reassure customers, office staff and company executives

Onsite traceability assessments

How reliable is your data and how is it being collected? Also, how well is your traceability information working for you? where do you start to improve it? let me help you

Technology advising services

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and handheld warehouse management demystified

Process consulting

Improve how you collect and manage all that information

Assistance with ROI calculations

and grant applications identifying and quantifying potential benefits from adding technology to your traceability program

Traceability talks for industry groups and students

Understanding the why helps with getting people onboard to use systems

Creative solutions for what technology can work in your plant environment

No two businesses have the same process. A traceability system needs to fit your flow and be doable for your people